The birds in the U.S. in every state but Florida, must be getting fed up by now. We’re all complaining about the snow and getting cabin fever…but it could be worse.

We could be outside in this weather, with no gloves, no hats, no boots, no coats. I’m in awe of the resilience our little feathered friends have.

When and if someone calls you, “a tough old bird”….Take it as a compliment.

I hope you are all enjoying the lovely invisible bird…my little bird went “poof!”…no more image..???

Author: zannyro

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  1. Come to Scotland – no snow, very mild with hardly any frost and no flooding. It is always wet but the flooding only happening in England as Scotland is higher from sea level than England.

  2. They really are amazingly resilient…I think they go on vacation somewhere warm! Brilliant idea! My Southern California birds are still hanging out around the bird feeders. They are warm enough, I’m sure, but they don’t have their warm weather appetites. I look forward to March when I usually see a few birds migrating on through, stopping by for a quick bite to eat, and then moving on to their homes–the ones they vacated all winter. 🙂

  3. Yep, I saw the image in my email and wanted to tell you to tell your bird friends that it’s warm and sunny here in southern AZ. Why haven’t they come to hang out with me? They’re all welcome in my neck of the woods ❤

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