Why don’t we travel today?

I’m not really sure where I’d like to go…Forida for coconuts?

I could see Paris as a destination…I’ve always wanted to yell off the top of the Eiffel tower…”I love doughnuts” has always been a popular thing to yell on special occasions.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
Someplace close to home?
Somewhere off planet?

Where would you travel?
Back in time? Very intriguing…being a time traveler.
That could be fascinating….would you want to be five years old again?
Would you want to be thirteen again, seventeen?
Or would you want to go wayyyyyyy back and meet Benjamin Franklin…or Picasso….or Albert Einstein?
Maybe Michelangelo?

I think I’d be happy to travel forward to tomorrow…tomorrow I get birthday cake!

30 thoughts on “TRAVEL..”

  1. Birthday cake is good. Happy birthday! Cause a little trouble, have a lot of fun and laugh until it hurts.

    I’ve always wanted to go on a castle tour of Europe. I love castles.

  2. Since yesterday was the 25th and today is the 26th and yesterday, today was tomorrow…I’m thinking today is your birthday! Happy Birthday! You must eat cake. You must eat chocolate cake with chocolate icing and chocolate ice cream. That sounds like way to much chocolate but not for our Suzanne. Happy Birthday!

  3. Right now I would go anywhere without snow and -30C windchill. I am just soooo tired of this weather it’s not even funny!! Why don’t you and I hop on a plane to a hot beach where we can have some hot beach boy bring us chocolate cake for your birthday with fancy drinks with umbrellas in them. Doesn’t that sound perfect? Happy early birthday my friend :).

  4. Happy Birthday, Suzanne! I’ve been missing. I just scrolled w-a-y back to the last post I read. Wow. You’ve posted some really fine photographs! It’s very late here. I’ll be back. Enjoy your birthday!

  5. I think it is your birthday today… So happy Birthday for today and may there be just so many more….
    Now if it is your birthday tomorrow then… Happy Birthday for tomorrow and may there be just so many more….
    These time differences make me wonder when you read this is it today or tomorrow…

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