Birds who wear makeup (1 of 1)

This winter I have noticed a new trend. Birds are wearing makeup!!

Mind you it’s always white, which is sort of attractive, but I’m not sure I’m ok with them using makeup products.

I might feel better about it if I knew at what age they are allowed to start wearing makeup.

I don’t approve of birds under the age of six months wearing any sort of product…whether it be hair gel, deodorant, lip gloss, or aftershave.

The next thing you know they’ll be shaving their legs before they’re a year old and that just isn’t appropriate.

I’m saddened by the lowering of standards in the bird community and the obvious failure of bird parenting.

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28 thoughts on “BIRDS WHO WEAR MAKEUP…”

  1. I have wondered at the lowering of standards in these avian communities. It is such a fowl thing that birds are falling for the advertising hype generated by the media. It just frosts my feathers! 😉

  2. Birds that wear lip gloss is one of the triumphs of advertising.
    I mean, imagine convincing a whole population they need a product for a body part they don’t even have!

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