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Twister was back, being quirky. If only I could get a pink tutu on this deer.
I’m considering doing a documentary on this particular eye expression…
I’ve seen cows do it…
Do birds give people this look?
Do dragonflies give people this look?
Do feral cats give people this look right before they bite that person’s leg off?

I have been known to give this look to my husband and at that moment in time, I just might have felt like biting his leg off.
Sometimes I catch the grocery store cashier giving me this look when I put a candy bar in with all the other groceries. But she has NO idea who she’s dealing with.
I INVENTED this look.

You know how your mother would say…”If you keep giving me that look, your face is going to freeze that way?”
Always believe your mother…I have to wear sunglasses to avoid scaring people.

17 thoughts on “THE RETURN OF TWISTER…”

  1. There was an episode of Tool Time a few years ago called ‘The Look’. It was pretty funny. The men were sharing some of those warning ‘looks’ their wives had given them.

  2. Do I know this look. It has been passed down in my family for decades. It means “don’t mess with me”. 🙂 🙂 By all means do the documentary,


  3. Oh do I know this look… my mother gave it to me, Linda gives it to me and when they do, I cower into the nearest corner… this photo had me diving under the desk… (love it Suzanne)

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