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This is my little friend, “Twister”. Twister is part of the herd of seven whitetail deer that pass through every couple of days.

I think I’m particularly fond of Twister because of her quirky behavior. It’s probably not all that quirky, I’ve seen other deer do this before, just not as often or with as much enthusiasm. She will eat a little bit and then point her nose up in the air and take big sniffs.
Is she picking up the scent of chocolate on me coming right through the wall of the house? Is she trying to show me how beautiful the fur on her neck is? Does she have a deviated septum and is simply just trying to get more air to go up her nose?

These are the kinds of things that call for chocolate….If I’m trying to understand nature I need proper sustenance.

26 thoughts on “TWISTER…”

  1. Perhaps she’s the herd guardian, sniffing for danger? Or may be she’s just the resident nervous nellie. A girl can’t be too careful these days.

  2. Such a beauty! I’m amazed that you can get such gorgeous shots of the deer – ours are so skittish, I can only take pics through the windows. And I always end up with a reflection from the pane!

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