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This would be SOOOO nice…..sigh….
So here’s a little info for you…Either as a result of working too many hours on the computer working on my book…or as the result of Oliver the cat sleeping across my entire face during the night….I have a very unattractive right eye. Swollen, interfering with my vision a little. The Doctor thinks Oliver is the most likely culprit, but I’m not sure. Regardless…I’m going to “schedule” a week or two of posts in order to give my eye a rest. I’ll still answer comments…but this way I avoid spending time writing the posts and uploading the images, etc…all things that use my eyeballs.

So…off I go to buy an eye-patch..(just kidding)…

31 thoughts on “SO….THIS IS INTERESTING…”

  1. I had an eye problem last year when I got jagged by a sharp tree branch. The injury caused the fluid in the eye to crystalise. I went to the optician but he could not get it out so he sent me to the hospital.

    The treatment from these NHS nurses was terrible. The doctor was very good. I was ordered about them told there was a wait for 4 hours. I complained after my treatment. What is it with nurses?

  2. I knew Bob Costas’s pinkeye was highly contagious, but this is ridiculous! Ooodles of sympathy from someone who can’t stand eye irritations of any kind but has them all the time. (In future I’d either lock the cat out or wear a sleep mask).

  3. If you buy an eye-patch…you could become a pirate…I could write to you and we could become pen pals…then you could buy a boat…I could bring a pony to put in the boat…
    The Pirate, Pal and Pony….

    Lyle Lovett eat your heart out.

      1. Just now reading “Twister” who is afflicted (I agree most likely) a painful deviated septum?? Someone needs to attend Dr.Dr. University to eliminate all deviates. You have the eye patch…it should be you.

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