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So……I’d love to display some of my images of Melvin’s horses in a gallery situation. Now there’s a possibility that it could actually happen. So you all get to be guinea pigs while I play with some possible candidates…I hope that you enjoy them as they show up here. So here we have Jack…one of my favorite horses.

16 thoughts on “JACK…”

    1. Thanks Alex….now I just have to decide if I REALLY want to do this…hubby has a “little” retail space that I could use FOR FREE for the first time in, well, ever!
      I have a decision to make now….do I want to dive into such a big thing and have my OWN little gallery?….it’s a lot or maybe not a lot, to chew off….a little intimidating..but it would be SO cool!

      1. Ok, that is just plain cool!

        I find when trying to make a really big decision the ‘why should I do this’ answers are pretty obvious. It’s the answers to ‘why should I not’ which usually clarify things.

        Asking ‘why not’ almost always shows us that we have very little to lose, and everything to gain in doing it, and that the only thing stopping us is fear.

        1. Ahhhh…yes…you are right again, oh wise one of the Universe… I’m beginning to take your advice and think..’why not?’. It’s such a change in my routine that I think that’s what stops me, partially.
          I did decide it would be nice to ‘work outside of the house’. No reason that I couldn’t write there!

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