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Once again, I introduce you to our friend, the Cardinal.
Can you imagine doing this over and over and over? I mean…think about it…they’re like Olympians…they’ve got the cool outfit and amazing athletic ability. I never thought about it before, but do you suppose there are different levels of ability with birds?
Are there Gold Medal level birds?
Are there Silver Medal level birds?
Are there Bronze Medal level birds?
Are there birds who just fly along with average level bird abilities?

Somewhere out in the woods there might be a huge bird arena, with enough branches to seat 10,000 birds. Maybe on Saturdays in the summer they gather on the branches and watch the really excellent birds compete for prizes. Traffic must be a nightmare when the event’s over.

Unless there are police birds who direct bird traffic. I wonder if they blow a whistle when they’re directing traffic?


  1. First: Since most ‘documentaries’ these day are unscientific, I don’t think you have a thing to worry about.

    Second: I LOVE this shot!

    Third: FACT: Dodos because extinct because of repeated freak Olympic trial accidents. (No one told them they could not fly.)

    Fourth: I LOVE this shot!

    1. LOLOLOL! First: I shall then proceed with my documentaries.

      Second: I LOVE that you LOVE this shot!

      Third: Poor Dodos! Who was the Dodo that
      didn’t cancel the event after the fifth
      trial accident?

      Fourth” I LOVE that you LOVE this shot!

      1. No one knows for sure, it was all hushed up in the big Dodo/Olympic cover-up scandal in 1845. (I’ve seen the ‘documentaries’!)

        By the way, I just stepped outside to find a gorgeous male cardinal being all noisy in one of the naked trees in the backyard. I’m pretty sure he was bitching about the poor quality of food here as compared to up at Suzanne’s place.

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