31 thoughts on “TABLE FOR FOUR, PLEASE…”

  1. Yesterday we had 2″ of snow on top of the droppings below the feeder. The first squirrel moved around like a tiny snowplow pushing the snow out of the way as it hunted for seeds. Funny sight, but effective.

    1. I should do that for them…..but…..I did something years ago and OH how I still had the video…we took the top of an old table and turned it upside down…I used it to put the corn in…I looked out one night and there was a raccoon absolutely shoveling the food in it’s mouth…poor thing must have exploded later.

  2. What are they eating?? Time for you to get out and buy a bale of hay for them… might as well feed them too… just a question, do you feed your Hubby or just the birds and animals??

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