28 thoughts on “WEIRD…

    1. Oh drat! It DID say DARN squirrels…SOMEBODY BRING ME CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send it by squirrel or Saint Bernard or Armadillo…I DON’T CARE HOW YOU SEND IT, BUT SEND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          1. Yes. A week or more ago, I made fudge. It didn’t set up firm. So, we put it into small tubs and froze all but one. We will get them out for ice cream, etc. The one on the counter not frozen gets a spoon dipped in now and then and eaten.

            We also bought a 4 lb bag of chocolate chips from Costco. They serve as a good source, as well as for cooking.

            You won’t find us without chocolates. 🙂


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