I put some sunflower seeds out on the deck for the little raccoon that dragged itself up from the woods about four days ago to find food. It’s been living under the deck since then…but we usually have one of them take up residence there until it’s babies are born and ready to go out with mama. Tonight this one entertained the dog and the cat for at least an hour…they’re so brave when there’s a thick pane of glass between them and “The Claws”.

Watermark The snowy raccoon 2 (1 of 1)

Watermark The snowy raccoon 1 (1 of 1)

Watermark The snowy raccoon 3 (1 of 1)

The little path it’s following is the one I’ve kept cleared so that I can get to the bird feeding spot…The path is gone this morning.

25 thoughts on “THEY’VE ALL GOT TO EAT!

  1. Oh how I feel for that poor little fellow and how I thank God for you feeding him… shame he looks as cold as I feel just looking at your photo… how lucky you are to be so close to the nature you share… I love it…


    1. Thanks Bulldog….Poor things…the temps going subzero today and tomorrow…and…………
      I do feel lucky to be so close…we have people ask if the property is for sale from time to time……


  2. Our next door neighbors got raccoons in their attic space a few years ago. Had to have the whole insulation job redone. It was only about a 10 yr old house.

    The raccoons are cute, but they can cause problems.


    1. He does doesn’t he? He acted that way when I first saw him trudging through the deep snow to reach the house…glad he made it…hopefully his tummy is full and that will help.


      1. They should adapt the “Robbers’ Chorus” from “Chu Chin Chow”:
        “We are the robbers of the woods,
        And we rob everyone we can,
        We steal the wealthy merchants’ goods,
        And sack each caravan,,,”


  3. I feel so sorry for the animals when it snows. Most people love the snow when they look out the window, and I’m guilty of thinking how pretty it is too, but my very next thought is always, “The poor animals!” Cold and hungry is not a pleasant state of affairs. I keep my birdfeeders filled and I see that you’re doing your best to provide food and shelter. Let’s hope the worst of winter will be over soon, before it’s too late for a lot of these birds and furry friends.


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