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These Blue Jays are keeping their feet tucked under their bodies to stay warm…I hardly ever see this..but it’s getting to be a regular occurrence. Our windchill factor has been down as low as 35 degrees below zero and birds are still showing up for birdseed…I hope that they are able to outlast this series of Arctic Blasts.

22 thoughts on “SMART BIRDS…”

  1. You could always open an extra small flap for a bird door in the new drive-in and add cayenne-laced bird seed to the menu. I’d bet the word would spread like wildfire and you’d find many new customers in hot pursuit.

  2. Haven’t you put the next photo or almost identical photo
    a week or so ago ? — or the same birds came and stay
    exactly the same manner every time ?

    1. I goofed up big….Yes, the post was called “our feet are cold”. I mentioned to another blogger just now that I need chocolate….obviously I was running low on it the day I did that….one of these was pre-scheduled…the one today…Just ignore me…

  3. I think sometimes we underestimate the staying power of some of these birds… but one thing is for sure if they’re well fed they have a better chance, so be proud of yourself for helping these little ones survive…

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