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It doesn’t have running water, but it is free to stay there…I’m not sure how many deer we can cram in there, but I’m thinking about fifty, (just kidding). Seeing that we’re supposed to get 150 inches of snow tonight and 500 inches tomorrow, (once again, just kidding). I thought that I’d open up the shed for any animals looking to get off the road and ride out the storm in comfort. If they want to watch TV or forgot their toothbrush, there WILL be a charge for that……OH! And any pizza delivery is an extra $1.

Stay safe everybody!!

29 thoughts on “NO SNOW MOTEL…

  1. We got bombarded again today. I think this was our largest accumulation so far. The driveway has been dug out three times today. The good news is that the snow is slowing down but now the temperature is supposed to plummet.

    1. We have just little tiny snow flurries..but we received, I don’t know, 8 inches?? We haven’t had snow banks this deep in years and years and years.

  2. The weather guys are on the verge of a psychotic break! I think for them this is better than sex. You’d think we never get snow in New England, that this is some kind of rare event. We too have a shed which is full of small critters. They do not need an invitation!

            1. The temp is going to PLUNGE in the next few days…so we’ll see if they decide to go for it…wish I had straw in it, but I don’t want to make the mice too comfy!

  3. You are so caring. I am glad you actually did this. I hope the animals realize how lucky they are and come in OUT OF THE COLD. I bet you are getting angel wings for this.


    1. 🙂 lol….you silly….probably not angel wings….I do hope some of them take shelter…I don’t know if any will…but it’s worth it to make it available to them.

    1. I don’t know if they lick the snow..but there is a little river right at the back of our property and I’ve seen them there before…it’s not totally frozen yet.

  4. Another lovely post, and beautiful, kindful thought behind this photograph what I see… You are so nice dear Suzanne, I hope and wish they think to get in there. Thank you, love, nia

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