43 thoughts on “EAT FASTER…

        1. I think the light made these guys look darker….This doe had a much rounder face than the others.I wondered if it’s face was swollen for some reason.

    1. Ummmmmmmmmmm…six feet….I do the unforgivable…I shoot through “a window into the woods” and I have a VERYY long lens. A lot of my images definitely reveal my cheating and are not sharp enough…but I enjoy it anyway.

    1. I know!!! I was afraid I’d broken my ankle…and would have to crawl back up to the house through the snow, but I made myself stand on it anyway…and made it inside.

        1. I will…although I did inch my way outside for just a minute….but I’m surprised that everything’s still “unhappy” four days later….oh well..

  1. I would come and help you build the drive-through (or should that be trot-through or fly-through, depending upon the animal) but I’m frozen in place. WAY too much ice around around here.

    And more snow expected this afternoon. Hoo, boy.

    1. You sound like you’re worse than we are! Our snow should come tomorrow….STAY WHERE YOU ARE!! The animals will just have to get along like they always have…Thanks for the offer to help!!

    1. Well…YOU GUYS all agreed…hubby felt differently…I was just going to write that I might sneak outside today and leave the shed doors open..and then I remembered that I went out walking around in the snow in the backyard Friday around 4:30 pm…and sprained my foot, ankle, calf muscles..etc….still “babying” that foot…so…maybe I WON’T go open the shed doors.

      1. oh dear please be careful and stay in warm and safe. In here it is cold but there is not any rain or snow… They say that water reserve is giving alarm… Love, nia

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