1. I totally get it. We have woods even closer behind us. Our screened deck sits up at the second floor level. The branches and bird feeders are not far. It is a good way to ‘find your center’.

    1. Awwwwwww…Thanks Bulldog. You definitely wouldn’t like it today…negative 16 degrees….without the windchill….I don’t know how the birds and deer and squirrels are surviving it….

        1. Staying IN! The dog DOES need to go out, so I have him on a leash always. The problem is, he doesn’t always get his business done quickly and his feet start to freeze….I keep a close eye on him and the minute he holds up a paw I pick him up and bring him in. It only takes a second or two more and all of his paws are freezing and he can’t stand.
          I’m really careful when I go out to feed the birds…one false step could bring about a fall and then you’d be in REAL trouble if you couldn’t get back up. My son had a harrowing experience in Wisconsin the night before last..luckily he was the smart one dressed appropriately…(Mama sent him off to his new job with THE best boots and the warmest hats and gloves you can get.) OK…I’ll post the story….it’s not that exciting, but for those of you who don’t experience this, it might be interesting.

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