OK, so there isn’t going to be an igloo in this post. But it feels like my house is turning into one.
By now those of us that are experiencing winter on steroids have PROBABLY learned how to stay safe if we need to go outside. My Son that is working in Wisconsin for the first time this winter has advised me that not everyone has survival instincts.

The night before last he was asleep in the apartment that he shares with two other employees in training when he heard someone screaming, “let me in! Let me in!” and they were pounding on the back door. It was one in the morning. He was the only one home and doesn’t know anyone who would come to the door like that without calling first. The panicked screaming of “help me!, let me in!, open the door!” went on for fifteen minutes. There were no windows near the door for him to see who was out there and finally he called 911. Keep in mind that the weather in the winter in Wisconsin is pretty much ALWAYS extremely cold.

My son was on the line with the deputy for quite a long time, trying to get them clear on where he was located…meanwhile the pounding had stopped and then he heard someone walking inside the house. It turned out that it was his airhead roommate. This person LIVES in Milwaukee and goes home every weekend, but for some reason he decided to drive BACK one hour to their apartment at midnight. He had driven his car into a snowbank outside. My son put him on the phone with the deputy and got things settled.

My son gave him a ten minute, shouted “lecture”.
What if my son had a gun and felt that the door was going to be broken down?
Why didn’t you call me and let me know it was you out there?…my phone’s been dead…
Where’s your other glove? No answer…
Where are your boots?…No answer…
Why didn’t you use MY NAME when you were screaming to be let in so that I would know it was you?…mumbled answer..
Why didn’t you walk around the house and use your key to get in the front door…”I was out of breath…(from screaming) and afraid that I would faint.

This young man, 23, was wearing a thin jacket, one glove, no hat and no boots. He has lived in that weather his whole life.
My son then put on all of the warm clothes that he had travelled out there with.(His Mother,moi,gave him her cherished super-duper warm hat that will get a person through anything.)

He got the kitty litter and shovel out of his own trunk and got his roommates car dug out. Then he told the kid to drive the car out, go around the block and drive back in the PLOWED driveway. The way he SHOULD have driven in, instead of the way he came, the unplowed drive with two and a half-foot drifts in it. The ‘lucky to be alive’ 23 year old got in the car and asked my son…”how do I turn off these orange blinking lights”……the hazard lights.

My son says he now knows what it feels like to be a parent.
He also thanked us for raising him to use his common sense.
My work is done.

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    1. 🙂 It takes time, but sometimes you get proof that you did a good job…BTW, the goofy 23 year old brought him a $25 dollar gas gift card and TWO bags of kitty litter yesterday! LOL! I suppose I should post an update…


        1. I’m sure you’ve taught him well…It takes a while before we find out….:) Trust me, both of my sons have made life interesting! LOL!


    1. He came very close to doing that….that’s when he made himself gear up and go outside to dig the car out..he said he needed to redirect the anger.


  1. Wow – just, wow. The list of ‘who woulds’ is endless…..

    Starting with – who would not keep their phone charged while traveling at night even in perfect weather, and ending with – who would pound on a back door in freezing temps for 15 mins when they have a key to the front door in their pocket.

    And there’s about a million ‘who woulds’ in between.


    1. I kept asking my son…is this kid doing drugs?


  2. I am glad to read this happy end, it would have been a very tragic story. Your son did the right thing. But there is many lecture in there. Blessing and happiness, Thank you dear Suzanne, love, nia


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