Since recipe blogs are so popular in the blog world, I decided to share a few of mine with all of you. If you can’t find all of the ingredients, don’t worry about it, the recipe probably isn’t going to turn out anyway.

First you find a squirrel that is between four and six inches tall and weighs about four ounces.

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Next, tell him that you plan to fill a paper bag with powdered sugar, then you will put him into it and shake him around vigorously. Do not respond to any of the swearing that he does, it just makes them swear more.

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Present the squirrel with a visual aide, just to let him know what it would be like in the bag.

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Before he can consider his options, snatch him up and shake him in the bag…for at least fifteen minutes. When the timer goes off, pour him out of the bag. You should have a tasty little sugar covered squirrel who is quite happy with his appearance. Makes 0 servings. (Remember, be kind to animals.)

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  1. How many calories you reckon that is?? I have to be careful after the holidays, maybe I should go with a chipmunk, instead….

    (This is TOO freaking adorable! Great shots!)

    1. (hehe…Thank you)….They are 100 calories each..a chipmunk would be around 50 calories. Guapo is using Splenda for his…you might see if he would share.

  2. Love to see .. that he are still around .. and bringing joy to you and to us. I thought it was snow … but sugar, that makes him a lot sweeter. Great gallery.

  3. Today is “Appreciate Squirrel Day” However, I have an elephant in the room. The oversized brown paper bag and 5 lbs. of powdered sugar…although I may need more sugar…should just about do it. I’ll be in touch…

  4. I love this recipe!
    I tried it with Splenda, and it came out fine, though I found I had to shake for 18 – 20 minutes to get the results you describe.
    Also, I’d recommend wearing earmuffs. The swearing got really loud towards the end.
    Good thing I didn’t have a souffle in the oven!

    1. Hmmm…I never tried it with Splenda…I might try it with ground coffee, but I don’t want to hype up the squirrel and have it rip my face off or something….I hope you didn’t wear furry earmuffs…that could have been dangerous for you.

      1. I’ll have to ask Linda to take the photos… It might be a bit difficult shaking the lion for 15 minutes… getting him into the bag should not be a problem… keeping him there could be…

    1. Glad you liked the images! THANK YOU FOR THE WARMTH!! It says it is -19 right now with the windchill….this is getting ridiculous…even the birds aren’t coming out today.

  5. Love squirrels. The girls (two dachshunds) love them as well. We have wildlife feeders throughout the backyard. We see lots of squirrels, birds and deer. We had a red fox last year too. Winter fun.

    1. 🙂 I’m sure the girls have hours and hours of fun watching the squirrels! I’m seeing more deer, now that it’s so cold and everything is buried in snow. Saw a family of foxes last spring…hope to see more this year, but you never know!

  6. I love you so much dear Suzanne, you made MY DAY with this funny and amazing and love, post… Ah, if I find a squirrel, ah if I find a squirrel… I don’t know what I can do but will be so HAPPY as now… Thank you, Thank you, love, nia

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