Two doe (1 of 1)

We’re actually having a winter this year…lucky for me because the deer have begun to pass closer to the house. They’re smelling the alluring scent of birdseed with a side of corn. I’ve actually considered building a drive thru window onto the house…then the deer can just come up to the window, place their order and leave happy. I would definitely add a happy meal toy to their bag of sunflower seeds or whatever it is they ordered, you want to keep your customers coming back.

Hmmmmm…this would mean that I would have to wear some kind of uniform when I worked at the window…I’d need to look professional after all. I’m thinking a pink tutu and the REALLY awesome cowgirl boots I bought in Montana. I know the deer wouldn’t see that part of my uniform but I could stick my leg out the window every now and then to show them my boots.

See you all later, I’m off to cut a hole in the side of the house for the ordering window and I need to get it done before hubby gets home.


  1. Haha. I love the idea of these drive thrus and I can definitely picture it 🙂 Love how you’ve captured the falling snow. 🙂

    1. I’m confused. This comment was supposed to be on the next post… That’ll teach me for reading blogs on the phone… 😉

  2. Damn you Suzanne… you just keep blowing me away with your photos… how the hell did you get them to pose like that?? Here I am thinking I have the ability to talk to the animals and along you come and show me your communication is better than mine…. Brilliant photo my friend absolutely blooming beautiful…
    Now .. a tutu and cowgirl boots? Not sure that would be the ideal dress to attract customers… maybe you need to have some kind of special hat with the tutu, what about one of those caps that have that little propeller on the top that I’ve seen on the TV?

    1. I’m so glad you liked it 🙂 Just one of those lucky moments…They posed all on their own..turns out a buck was headed their way, so of course they were on alert.
      OH! You mean a “beanie”! Oooooohhh…I LIKE that idea!!!

    1. Well I’ve been meaning to talk to them about their chocolate consumption…WAY too much this week…and now I have to worry about their powdered sugar binges…sigh…my work never ends.

  3. Would you post a picture of you in the pink tutu and boots? The images I’m having need some adjusting, I think. Also, we could all have some input on accessories, etc. What do you say? 🙂

  4. I have a cramp in my cheeks from laughing. I can just picture you cutting a hole in the side of the house. Will you have a microphone set up there so the customers can order without getting off the path and into the deep snow?

    1. lol! Yes..there will be a microphone set up….I’ll also probably have to ask them to speak slowly and clearly into the microphone thingy…you know how hard it is to understand someone when they talk into those things..

      1. And a translation app installed for the various species of customers. Deer to English, songbird to English, squirrel and chipmunk to English, and of course the reverse too so they’ll understand your responses… although I’m sure you speak all their languages by now.

  5. As an equal opportunity animal lover, I assume you will provide equal access — perhaps a smaller and less intimidating takeout window — for the squirrels.

    1. I was thrilled to see seven deer and a buck the other night….You had 6! You need to get started on building the drive thru at your house!

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