Dancing Jays      7255 (1 of 1)

I’m not sure if these two were fighting over the peanut or just having a good time…Actually, I think Blue Jay number one…the one with the peanut, is horrified by the fact that Blue Jay number 2 is zooming in to take possession of the peanut. If it were ME, I would go into a flumpty-lumpty sky diving maneuver and evade the clutches of the peanut thief. But that’s just me.

Dancing Jays      7256 (1 of 1)

I’m looking at this image and wondering what Blue Jay number 1 said to Blue Jay number 2 to make him give up the chase. It must have been something really threatening, or pitiful, or rude. It could have been, “I’m telling your Mother on you.” It could have been, “I put my spit all over this peanut…do you still want it?” It could have been, “I’m taking this peanut home to my pregnant bird wife. She’s having terrible peanut butter cravings…do you really want to mess with a husband who better have a peanut with him when he gets home?”
Or it could have been, “Eating peanuts will make you pregnant.”

Sigh….we’ll never know….

27 thoughts on “IT COULD HAVE BEEN…

  1. I love the blue jays. If some are coming around for a few days you can see they have personalities as do the squirrels. I root for the jays when they dive bomb that mean ol’ cat.


  2. Personally I think it was more threatening than what you think…. something like “touch this and suffer, I know where you live and I like the look of your wife!!!”….


  3. I’m trying to imagine you going into a flumpty-lumpty dive and am having a modicum of difficulty with the envisionment. Still, with your talents (and obvious patience), I wouldn’t put it at all past your capabilities.


        1. 🙂 🙂 I will put some more up in the next week….I have taken so many pictures today…it is snowing quite a bit and they come to get extra food…LOL, I get NOTHING else done!


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