31 thoughts on “PINK TUTU CLUB…WE HAVE A NEW MEMBER! (p.s. anyone can join)

  1. Somehow, I think Oliver was a reluctant recruit to the club! He’s a really handsome cat with or without the tutu! 🙂 I’m impressed that he stayed in it long enough for you to capture this perfectly-focused shot of him!

  2. he he he…. I should try to my Princess but she excapes from my camera, can you believe this 🙂 I loved so much…. Blessing and Happiness, Thank you, love, nia

    1. It’s amazing isn’t it??!! Maybe I should start an official roster of members of the club…men and women..cats and dogs…horses…we could have club meetings and everything!

    1. He is definitely his own man….he was out of this in a heartbeat! We are learning to be gentle with each other…raised by my son, he’s been a little hell-raiser..they “play” with each other. I guess I should address their relationship in a post. 🙂

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