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The image above was taken the night before the Polar Vortex hit…I think that deer could sense it coming…..

Things have been going swimmingly here….We do have a small furnace off of our kitchen..so while the main furnace is on vacation, I’m sitting here typing with a nice furry blanket wrapped around me, (eating a low-fat fudge bar)…Last night I dragged my mattress into the pantry and slept in there…doggy curled up next to me…snug as a bug. Hubby loves the cold…he slept back in our ice-cube of a bedroom….

The dog can only be outside for a few seconds…then he starts holding his paws up in the air and I snatch him up and bring him straight back into the house. I’m expecting an “accident” on the floor very soon. He’s wearing his doggy sweater and I even put a dog “snuggly” on top of that when I took him outside.

The birds however, are zipping around all over by the back windows…eating as many sunflower seeds as they can…..They keep their feathers all fluffed up for insulation against the cold…maybe I should be fluffing up MY feathers!

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63 thoughts on “POLAR VORTEX…WHAT THE HECK!…”

  1. Oh, the birds are so pretty with their fluffed-up feathers! I wonder where the squirrels went? Hibernation, I reckon. They do store food for the winter… I love these birds!!

  2. Wow, that deer looks absolutely miserable!

    As uncomfortable, inconvenient, and potentially dangerous as this weather is, I have to admit I find any extreme weather very interesting. I think, in a way, we all do – it throws us out of our routines for a bit, makes us more aware of our surrounding environment, and (thankfully!!) doesn’t stick around for very long. As I write this siting at my mom’s kitchen table the thermometer just clicked to one degree above freezing – for the first time in days! Woohoo – a heat wave! I hope you guys up there start to feel some of this warm-up soon, and also hope your furnace is finally fixed and you’ll not have to spend another night in the pantry – unless you like being that close to the chocolate stash!

    1. LOL…..THE FURNACE IS WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Now I need another excuse for sleeping in the pantry…I slept really good in there…probably BECAUSE of the nearness of the boxes of Hershey’s Cocoa in the cupboard…
      Glad you’re having a heat wave…I hate to say it…but…WE’VE AT 15 DEGREES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I’m with you on the extreme weather…It’s that old..”it scares me, but I love it thingy”.

    1. I think the furnace is finally fixed….I’m watching to see if the house will warm up today……instead of fooling me for awhile and then shutting off….different things just keep freezing on it…and pipes and hoses then split. So the poor service guys keep coming back, God Bless them….the fellow who came yesterday is keeping those chemical heat packs in his gloves…he can’t wear really heavy gloves or mittens because of the kind of work he does and last Friday his fingers got frostbite……he said he’s not letting THAT happen again.

  3. I’d never heard of an polar vortex either. Our windchill finally barely made it above 0. Wish I could fluff up like the birds. They did look relatively comfortable.

  4. Soooooo … another event that simply cements my case for moving to southern AZ. 70 here today! I’ll even take our hot summers over a winter like you have right now. Keep warm, my friend. Snuggle, snuggle, snuggle. Great images!

    1. Thanks Gina!! SOOOOO darn cold….They were out to work on our furnace for the third time…it’s trying…but I’m not sure there’s much improvement…but 19 degrees tomorrow hopeful! Bathing suit weather!
      Yep…Southern AZ…..SOOO jealous 🙂

              1. Yes, leave the taps dripping as moving water doesn’t freeze.

                The BBC website said the temperature was between -20-30F. That’s what it was like here. The air is very cold to breath in.

                I remember when the snow started. It said on the BBC website that heavy snow was forecast so I took my walking boots with me to work. The snow came on at 10.00 and continued until about 17.00. It was over a foot high.

                Nobody could get out of the car park so I said I was going to walk the 4 miles home. I ended up with a group of women wearing high heels etc and it took about 4 hours to get home. I had to drag them along.

                Next day I walked to work and it only took just over an hour with spikes on my boots and walking poles.

                1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! Our final snow count was 14 inches. More to come tonight but not very much. What a story you have to tell….
                  Those women were so lucky that you were with them to keep them going!!
                  We are now at 17 degrees!!

  5. reading this post I feel guilty to live in a place where thus far we have had very little snow and only a few frosty days..

    your photos are so beautiful, I look forward to seeing them every day.

  6. well the birds look nicely fluffed maybe you should try it… love the photos… I have opened the spare bedroom and switched on the aircon to bring the 36 C (97 F) down to a pleasant 18/19 C (64/66 F) so if you want to come visit you’re welcome… also the evenings are nice and cool with a gentle rain that makes skinny dipping wonderful… lets us know when you land, we’ll pick you up at the airport…

    1. You sure do know how to torture a person!!
      If the planes were flying, I’d be on one!!!!
      They’ve halted 1000’s of flights….You torture me, you torture me!! Tell Linda to make you stop being so mean!

  7. Wow! Your cardinal is so red. And all fluffed up.
    Yesterday, I watched the squirrels hunker with their backs to the wind and tails laid up over their backs.

    1. They are amazingly red! So brilliant! Poor little squirrels…I haven’t seen ANY! We’ve ALWAYS had squirrels coming for the seed…but this year…zero.

  8. Snow is pretty to look at but that’s where it ends. Everything else about it seems to be bad news. The worst thing is how hard it is on the animals (including birds and humans).

  9. Oh dear Suzanne, how they sit on snow… What says weather forecast, how long will be like that? I hope not too long… Thank you, love, nia

    1. We have today yet…hopefully tomorrow it will be up to 19 degrees!!! I just put out a lot more food for them, so I’m doing my best to provide energy for them..It has been at least 20 years since anything like this has happened..I hope it is another 100 years before it happens again.

      1. This is unbelievable… and can you believe this we don’t live winter in here, normally it should be winter!!!!!! You are a real angel and how nice you feed them. Love you so much, take care of yourself, and stay in warm dear, Thanks and Love, nia

        1. So strange that you don’t have winter!! Things will start getting better today, they say…They still tell us not to go out and drive..the roads have hard, packed snow on them and that has now turned very, very slick and Icy.
          A lot of us had furnaces that would not work…but I think mine is working today…..I’m watching the thermostat to see if the house is warming.
          Lots of people are feeding the birds and taking in stray animals. When I got my sunflower seeds at the grocery store, almost all of the seed for birds and squirrels was sold.

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