pink tongue cropped


Bad*** cropped

The doggy parade continues! I think the little pink tongue in the pink stroller is a nice touch….I think that dog’s name was “Doughnut”…or maybe it was “Starbucks”…or then again, maybe it was “Panini”…( is that a sandwich or a famous opera singer?)

The two little white dogs in the stroller were named “Bridezilla” and “Groomzilla”…there must be quite a story behind that…
The little curious guy in the stroller by himself was named, (Please remove your children from the room….)…
Goodness! What a thing to name your cute little, itsy-bitsy baby!!

21 thoughts on “WOOF!…

  1. They’re very cute indeed but I think dogs should be treated as dogs not like babies or accessories! 😉 Can you imagine what my Mutley dog would look like in one of those (she’s a German Shepherd) That’s a funny image! 😀


    1. I agree! Our dog knows I’m Alpha and it’s going to stay that way…Mutley dog would probably get all depressed if she got dressed like that!


  2. I am always curious as to why people feel the need to push their dogs in strollers. Do they want fat and unfit dogs? Or maybe they are longing for a baby?


    1. I really hope that they let those dogs run and play when they’re not on “display”…I watched and some people came down and just sat on benches, etc. for hours…waiting for the next person to come along and tell them how cute the dog is. I think you’re right about the baby angle in some respects….people are older and missing their child some…doggy replacement.


    1. Thanks Bulldog….sometimes, with the advent of the computer, etc…if OUR legs will, over time, evolve and be what?…less strong?, shorter?…we need to use our legs more too…although I know that’s not a problem for two extremely active people like you and Linda.
      Here’s a cryptic comment for you….my days with the horses may be at an end.


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