45 thoughts on “DON’T MESS WITH ME…”

  1. I remember when Reggie, my cockatoo, used to make himself big and scary-looking (an act he never quite pull off without making me laugh). His yellow crest feathers would pop up and he would look so fluffy. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I wish I could have captured the whole sequence of posturing…they sway side to side, very disturbing I would think if you were the other bird!

      1. Had to cut the trip short as we had an accident and reshaped the aerodynamics of the car… it is in for repairs now and I sit in a neck brace, but luckily no one else is hurt… posted a photo of the hole in my car, all R35 000 worth of damage…

            1. At least all seems to be well close to the house….too many trees to know what all happened in the woods…my “Big” trees, the sycamores, the oak, have all come through fine…I know the other side of town didn’t fare so well. The birds must have had the ride of their life!

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