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I’ve got to “up” my game. I did a book signing down in Florida a week or so ago and it went very well. I guess it could have gone better….when things were slow, I’d get up and take a minute or two to look up and down the street to see what was happening. All kinds of interesting things were going on and I’m going to share them with you shortly, but when I saw this mermaid, my competitive streak really got going.

I just haven’t learned how to play the marketing game. I thought it was pretty cool to take along braids of hair that I had made using hair from each of the horses….that way people could feel the texture of horse hair and see what “Bob’s” mane feels like.

Well drat…………You see before you in her slinky mermaid dress, the ultimate marketing wizard. I should say, the only thing I noticed happening down there was a lot of men posing for pictures with her.

I need to come up with some kind of costume to draw attention to myself…something to do with the subjects of my books…I really don’t want to dress up like a horse or a deer…BUT I WILL IF I HAVE TO!!

25 thoughts on “THIS WAS SO NOT FAIR!!!”

  1. Wearing costume seems okay. A lot of people today seemed drawn to costumes and characters. take for example Halloween. Beats Christmas time when it comes to buying clothes for the holidays. I would have lined up though, not because of the costume but because I know your work is amazing.

        1. I’d LOVE it!! And you just gave me a great idea! I’d love to have a horse, but the big ones need 5 acres each…I wonder what the little guys need?????!!!!!!!!!

  2. Pay a few people with copies, lunch and drinks to mill around the table in shifts. Crowds draw crowds. Get a few of those life-size cardboard replicas of famous people to place around the table

  3. A palomino – with silky white mane. Blonds always draw attention.
    I think the braids are a wonderful idea….Now there was a Lady G. that road through the town on a horse once…got a lot of attention, but not sure… (marketing is difficult…some people don’t get to see saddles up close…a nice one on a stand they could actually sit on?)

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