Nope,no picture today…That’s different.

No chocolate in the house…That’s different.

A man stood on his head on the sidewalk for me…That’s
different. ( And I didn’t ask him to.)

Did I mention that there’s no chocolate in the house?

“Ralph” the snake has not come to visit…That’s different.

A chameleon fell on my head two days ago..That’s different.

I met a woman who travels with four little dogs and a parrot, all in her backseat…That’s different.

I want to conduct a raid on the chocolate shop and confiscate the milk chocolate caramels..There’s NOTHING different about that!

26 thoughts on “WELL THAT’S DIFFERENT…”

      1. Oh, it’s these braces. Can’t smile. Can’t eat. I feel as if I have those horrid wax fake Dracula teeth stuck in my mouth all the time. Only it’s metal and it hurts.

        Plus, now that I have a man who wants to kiss me passionately, these braces kind of take the romance out of things. YUCK! But he keeps telling me how cute I look… 😉

        1. LOL….awww…first of all…he’s so sweet!
          Secondly…you’ll get your teeth all happy and save your awesome smile 🙂 Sorry it hurts though….that’s kind of stinky…

    1. Hahahaha!! My therapy has been to spend hours searching for shark teeth…..and it’s working…but I DID actually acquire some chocolate…and soon it will be gone!

      1. You’re on the right track. One thing you’ll have to beware of next time you’re near a Trader Joe’s. They have humungous chocolate bars – really good quality chocolate – bittersweet almond! So good and so reasonably priced (unfortunately).

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