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This is my complaint…
I think zannyro is putting something in the bird seeds that…well…gives me gas.
I’m belching all the time, but at least I cover my mouth…the problem is when I’m trying to shove corn and seeds in my mouth and belch, everything comes flying out and I have to start all over.
That’s why I’m complaining.

23 thoughts on “I HAVE A COMPLAINT…

  1. That small squirrel looks like a British Red Squirrel. Is it a Ground Squirrel? No bushy tail.

    From about 1957 until the late 1990’s British children were taught road safety by a squirrel called Tufty. It was called the Tufty Club. There is information on the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) website about it.

  2. Maybe we all have to live and learn. Even our cutest little critters. Loved this post. Many chuckles.

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