Spiral staircase  white 1 (1 of 1)

I’m just posting these because I like the idea of wondering where the stairs lead. The obvious answer is, to the rooftop. I’m wondering if they could lead anywhere else.

Maybe they lead to a spaceship…or a dance contest…or a set of more stairs…you guys will have to figure it out, I’m all out of ideas.

20 thoughts on “WHERE DO THEY GO?

  1. We went to the local firehouse for their chili supper. All the engines were outside. A stair next to where the big ladder truck sits inside has to be raised to make room for the truck. Instead of it resting 45˚ from the floor up to the 2nd level, it was pointing 45˚ up in the air to nowhere. We studied that for several minutes before figuring out why.


  2. Great shot … but I think could be a fire escape … maybe – if not .. I think that roof top area will not be used very often – love the colors in this shot.


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