1. Are these Storks? We don’t get them here in Scotland. We get Grey Heron.

    Weather is so bad here just now with so much rain there’s not much time for birdwatching.

    1. The tall white birds are egrets, the shorter white ones with the grey under the wing are sea gulls and the dark tall bird is a juvenile Great Blue Heron.

    1. Well that explains it! You’ve reminded me, I need to pick up some bacon bandages the next time I get back there. I picked up a can of Abraham Lincoln bandages, but I’m all out of the bacon ones.

    1. Don’t tell anyone..least of all the people at 911…I’m not sure but it could have been me that ate the doughnuts…my poor family…I did that to them when we were on vacation once…yum…white powdered doughnuts.

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