My friend Alex Autin http://alexautindotcom.wordpress.com was mentioned just the other day on this blog…she’s the amazing science and space lover that I follow and I’m trying to convince her that she could do lots of exploring and discovery in the aquatic world too…She doesn’t know I’m trying to convince her….well, if she reads this, she’ll know…I think she would need a research vessel, so when I saw this boat I immediately thought that it would be perfect for her….so Alex, Would this work as your research vessel?

CERVESA (1 of 1)

I know that El Guapo http://guapola.wordpress.com wants a pony…I’m still working on that.


  1. Hey you two.. Zannyro and Alex Autin… other people read these comments you know… “assistants Raul, or Domingo…???” “Ooooooooooooooooo…I like the way you think!” I thought this was a serious story and here I was going to offer my aid and maybe pilot the boat for you and it sounds now more like a “little fishy story”……

    1. oooooops! Sorry Captain bulldog….Alex and I tend to get a little carried away when we talk..Yes, you could pilot the boat and Linda could ride the research dolphins that go out scouting for me…or she could ride a manatee if she prefers.

  2. Woohoo! Sign me up, Jacques!! ( I mean aside from him being dead and all that.)

    I’m hoping that baby has a HUGE built-in ice cooler. You know, for keeping my research specimens all nice and cold.

    1. LOLOLOL…yes, I was a little concerned, knowing that Jacques has left us, but I mean, what a compliment!! A message from the great beyond!
      Oh I’m SURE your research vessel would keep your specimens nice and cold and delicious…I mean hold lots and lots of “fishes”.

      1. I’m thinking I’m now going to have to double, or even triple, my research time. I’m also going to need an assistant, preferably someone named Raul, or Domingo…


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