Suzanne Rogers all rights reserved.
Suzanne Rogers all rights reserved.
Suzanne Rogers all rights reserved.
Suzanne Rogers all rights reserved.
Suzanne Rogers  all rights reserved.
Suzanne Rogers all rights reserved.

So many of you were good at kicking me out of my writer’s block that I decided to use some images that I was just going to delete and have fun with them….so let’s get started.

The images above….taken last week on my walk back from the Jetty…I must have had too much chocolate earlier, because my mind started going off on it’s weirder path and I started wondering about palm trees….which I know all of you wonder about also.

I wondered…what do Palm trees do when it’s time to go to sleep at night? The birds go roost high up in a tree and get all comfy…

Then I noticed….the Palm Trees all “herd up” together in groups for safety. I wonder why? Is there a Palm tree predator that only comes out at night and preys on lone Palm trees??? Oh the Horror!!

Yes…this is meant to be silly….although it does make one wonder about the Palms when they’re standing there all dark and silent in their little group, staring down at you.

23 thoughts on “IT’S YOUR OWN FAULT…

  1. Judging from the comments here, we could all learn a bit from palm trees. I’ll volunteer to do the research, from a hammock strategically positioned between 2 of them. Tequila made be required to facilitate my observations. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Beautiful images, Suzanne. Seems you’ve been doing a bit of research yourself!

    1. LOL…would beer work for your research? Yes..I’ve been doing SERIOUS research……AND…we bought a little fishing boat last spring…the Hannah Jane and I now call her my research vessel. I even took a picture of what it looks like out the front window when I’m driving..I’ll put that up today….so far I’ve seen a lot of bubbles coming up in the water…that’s it…OH! And a scuba diver who felt I was too close to him…silly man.

  2. I might have mistaken that first image for yucca or something similar. That’s what happens when you’ve lived mostly in the Southwest and Great Plains instead of somewhere near palm trees.

  3. They whisper to each other… whispering in the wind comes to mind… here we have the Palm Nut Vulture so ours probably group for safety…

  4. They are ‘smart enough’ to know they should not have large tops full of branches like our trees in the rest of the country. Hurricane winds remove them.

      1. There is, sort of. It’s described in Darwin’s principle of natural selection. The more successful organisms have traits that help them survive. They are more likely to pass those traits to their offspring than the ones who don’t survive.

  5. Great shots, you know โ€ฆ think the Palm trees have realized that it isnโ€™t true .. that alone stands strong. And maybe to protect each other from the strong winds that will hit them a time.

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