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So, took a ride today and happened to pass through Amish Country…We passed a well-known Amish tourist destination and the only thing that I know about it is that they have a large red barn that houses a theater and that there’s a popular restaurant there.  There is more that takes place there, but I’ve never really investigated just precisely what that might be.


In my infinite wisdom I asked hubby what he thought the place was used for…he said…”It’s an Amish amusement park.”  Really?  He really said that?


  1. I’ve been to Amish Acres and taken the tour. It was interesting seeing the original old Amish buildings and barns–but maybe that’s because I’m always interested in how stuff used to be done. The tour also related the structure of the buildings to Amish life and culture, and how the culture determined the design of the structures. Also got to watch how apple butter is made. Wouldn’t want to try that at home! From Nappanee we went to Shipshewana, where there is the endlessly fascinating Yoder’s Department Store. Anything you want that isn’t electric can be found there. They had Singer treadle sewing machines that looked like they just came off the factory manufacturing line. Perfect. I took a photo of the Amish buggy parking area, which is shared with the regular car parking area, and turned it into a painting. It’s the one that headlines my blog home page…


    1. Love your header!!!

      Yoder’s is so much fun to wander around in…I bought a bonnet there once and gave it to a friend…I think I need to buy another one for working in the garden.


  2. FYI…nothing you see on the TV is real. I hope it doesn’t burst anyone’s bubble.

    I went to a grocery store in NE OH a few years ago. They had a parking ramp designated for the Amish buggies. It was a small 3 sided shed with a hay and watering trough big enough for 3 stalls. We don’t have those in IA for our Kalona Amish. We are behind the times.


      1. Yes, didn’t you post a photo with amish bikers ????
        That is a peaceful way to transport yourself … so it should be perfect for their standards of believe and faith.


              1. To be honest … today is another terrible day, but I have been sitting by the PC too long – trying to catch up.
                Have to take a “lucky pill” now. ‘smile
                Thanks for caring and asking, very sweet of you.


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