Yesterday it RAINED!!  In the morning it was sometimes sprinkles, but very soon it would begin to rain harder…THEN we saw THIS as we went to dinner…The girls who worked at the restaurant  thought about getting in the restaurant freezer for a few seconds, I told them to take me with them….we didn’t do it but I was more than a little nervous…This is the weird cloud from the left end to the far right end…it stretched a LONG way!

Scary storm left side (1 of 1) Scary storm middle (1 of 1) Scary storm right end (1 of 1)

The clouds started to spread, and spread, and spread and then it POURED!  It poured on and off for HOURS..

Scary storm as it blew by (1 of 1)

This little lady came to visit in between drenchings, poor baby…so wet!!    What I couldn’t believe is that around 8 pm a male cardinal was out IN THE POURING RAIN…sitting on the branch and then hopping down to eat…

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This morning our family of regular visitors, the raccoon family came sneaking out of the woods.  I NEVER see them in the day light… until it’s almost 8 pm, they’re not around… They were soaking wet.  The mother came out first and suddenly we heard the crows.  They were high up in the trees and scolding the mother raccoon.  She kept staring up at the tree tops, keeping an eye on them, all the while encouraging her babies to follow her up to the deck..Up they ran, soaking wet, looking bedraggled.  I think the birds and the raccoons didn’t get much to eat yesterday and they were HUNGRY!  No pictures of the raccoons and crows…I was too busy watching the drama unfold.

One little baby ventured out into the yard with the crows still yelling and screaming at them and Mama raccoon called it back.  At that point, EVERYBODY left and nobody ate!

40 thoughts on “BUCKETS AND BUCKETS OF RAIN!….

  1. I often wonder where the little (and bigger) critters go to get out of the rain. Apparently they don’t! I saw that big burger looking thing. I just could couldn’t comment on it. Just didn’t have it in me (figuratively, of course–being a vegan and all)! 🙂

  2. Those crows can be dangerous for raccoons. I’ve seen them dive bomb a raccoon that went up a hydro pole to get away from dogs and kids and they don’t let up. They’ll go for the eyes and peck at them. I absolutely hate crows for how they harass other animals. Have I mentioned that they fly off with baby birds? I feel sorry for all the birds and animals getting soaked but at least they don’t need to worry about where to get a drink of water. Could you send us some of that rain, please? We didn’t get a drop in July.

    1. OOOHHH….Nasty old crows!!! I will try to send some rain your way…it’s been dry today, but it’s clouding up again….I hate it when there’s not rain….Wishing you the pitter patter of raindrops!

  3. OMG… run for the freezer… why the bloody freezer, don’t they know how cold that can be… me I’d run for the mens clothes shop to buy a packet of men’s underwear, ’cause I’m sure I’m gonna need them… those clouds look positively dangerous… rolling down the river comes to mind…

    1. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Linda should carry a spare pair for you in her purse!…Just for emergencies!!
      It became a series of storm after storm after storm…it lasted around eight hours…I’ve never seen it rain so hard!

  4. Natures bird bath. My birds and other critters have been scarce lately … I think that there are too many other good things in the woods to eat … the wild raspberries are everywhere.

  5. A summer storm? Be thankful for the rain. We are enduring our 4th driest winter on record. It doesn’t look good for summer here…
    Love the photos 🙂

    1. We had our terrible drought last year…just terrible…and I thought it would never rain again…we’ve had frequent rain this summer and I’ve
      been glad to see it every time! I can understand how you feel!! Maybe next year will be better like it has been for us….

      1. it will be vile. We’re on track for a hotter & direr Spring, so summer is likely to be revolting :-/ Hopefully, not as bad as last summer….
        The world is changing & sadly not for the better.

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