55 thoughts on “BLUE JAY DAY…

  1. Suzanne… what are you doing to me… gob smacked, absolutely gob smacked… that 3rd photo is one I will never be in a position to match… these are so beautiful… oh man… if I was closer I’d be standing and applauding in absolute admiration…. I’m standing now and applauding and Linda thinks I’ve lost it… she just sits and shakes her head…

    1. Thank you Rob! You’ve made me feel better….I’ve been a little frustrated with photography lately…your words help a great deal…Surely Linda must be used to your antics by now!!

      1. Linda and I celebrate 40 years together this year (most of it happily, she has worked on my nerves every now and then) and she says in the last 2 years she wonders what has happened to me.. she is looking for the nearest home to put me in, “when I finally loose it”, she says…

        1. First of all…CONGRATS on 40 years!! Wonderful!!! You’re a real team from what I can tell πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
          Secondly…LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Poor Linda!!!!!
          Thirdly…I’ve had the same discussion with MY husband!

  2. Stunning shots as usual Zanny and I absolutely love the last shot hon! Who cares about what form? It’s gorgeous! πŸ˜€

  3. That one close-up is amazing. Did you lure him with a peanut on the lens cap?
    Was the ghost jay a reflection through a window? It is a cool effect. Very nice shots.

  4. Loved the close up, it looks so innocent. We used to have a blue jay that would dive bomb the not so smart cat. He’d duck while the other cat looked on with distain. Tweeted.

  5. I thought the ghost was intentional. It’s cool-looking. I love the shot where he’s facing you. Very unique. Great photos, Suzanne.

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