41 thoughts on “LITTLE ONE…

  1. What bird is it and where did it come from.?.. where’s the parents.?.. will it survive where it is.?.. are there parents feeding it.?.. so many questions about a cute bird and a lovely photo…

    1. And the answer is….I don’t know, I don’t know,I think so, and one last…I don’t know!
      I wasn’t even aware that it was a little guy until I reviewed the images on my computer….I would have watched and tried to learn a lot more if I had known it was a baby….I was using my 400mm lens and there were lots of birds, so I just kept on taking shots….:( 😦 I wish I had more of this little one!

    1. I was using a 400 mm lens, so I wasn’t as close as you might think….I didn’t realize what I was seeing until later… 😦 😦 I want it to come back!!!!!!!

  2. Today I trimmed some low hanging branches from a birch tree. I didn’t realize there was a robin nest in it. I scared two baby robins out and into the bushes nearby. They were able to fly pretty well. I must admit they were not nearly as cute as your baby.

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