I don’t want the whole popcorn industry to come down on my head, but I just have to say this…don’t eat popcorn. For some reason I’ve been eating a lot more popcorn lately…and I haven’t taken any photos lately…

My dog has turned into a popcorn addict, ( I really do try not to let him get any). Could there be a direct link between eating popcorn and losing your creative urge? I have been writing a LOT lately…my heroine is getting a lot done…so there is that, but my camera is sulking.

I spend a lot of my time thinking about which popcorn to buy and how much fat is in it…does it have as many calories as a candy bar?  I sit around trying to decide if I should have cheese on my popcorn for lunch.

I need to be careful…I once went through a phase of eating a lot of those hard little candies called “jolly ranchers”…they are shaped just like my earplugs…one night I woke up and had taken an earplug out of my ear and was getting ready to put it into my mouth…as my daughter would say..true story…I really did that.

So this is my reason for not posting many pictures lately…


56 thoughts on “DON’T EAT POPCORN…

  1. Popcorn is my number one food group. I would eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner if I could.
    That being said…I took a header on Monday, landed on my face and now I couldn’t eat popcorn if I wanted to. I haven’t been very creative since but I am blaming that on my concussion not the lack of popcorn.

      1. Stuff just happens to me. I tripped over a steel fence post that should have been flush to the ground but for some reason was pointing skyward. My hands were full so I didn’t get my right arm out to break the fall and landed on my face. And yes, the way I feel, you could actually call a concussion confusion like you did above 😉

          1. Monday. I haven’t been able to look at the computer much without raging headaches so this is me trying to get caught up on some of my emails etc. It is going rather slowly and sporadic. I am confusion!

              1. I was in hospital emergency for a day. Tons of xrays, cat scan, saw Doctor there. Saw my own Doctor the next day. I have to see an eye specialist tomorrow and a teeth guy on Saturday.

                    1. The moment I saw your eye…………..
                      That had to hurt like….well, hell! It looks so painful!
                      You pretty much banged up your face pretty successfully……….rest, rest, rest….OWWWWWWWW!

  2. Popcorn is bad for you……………. it keeps you feeling full and not wanting chocolate…..
    Chocolate is good for you… it makes you smile, grin, is almost like a drug with the ecstasy one feels.. if gives you energy, you don’t share it with the dogs, ’cause its bad for the dogs, so you have more for yourself… it gives you a creative mind..(think of all the excuses you’ve made to yourself as to why you should buy it… yes it makes the mind creative) it tastes good, it satisfies, its GOOD FOR YOU, take my word, far better than popcorn…

    1. You are a born salesman! I was just going to try to make this a chocolate free day and then I read this…..If Bulldog says it, it must be true……(thank you Bulldog, she whispers……)

      1. My pleasure … for a moment there I thought you’d lost your head… had to go to the shops for Linda today and walking past the racks saw my favourite chocolates marked down on special… half price… bought a ton of them and went home, had to go back I forgot Linda’s stuff… damn chocolates…

  3. LOL! Now just to do the popcorn dance Zanny! I see the popcorn song was already posted..hahahaha. I don’t think popcorn is that bad but I do miss seeing the little rascals. Pretend the camera is popcorn .. just don’t eat it. LOL! Maybe the rascals would like some popcorn or take photo’s of Max eating popcorn. That should be fun. hehehehe
    Oh dear, earplugs that looks like candy. A good thing I don’t eat lots of candy. I might have done the same. LOL!

    1. I am going right back to the camera and TRY!!!!!!! Maybe I should set chocolate on top of the camera…you know, like when you give a dog a treat when you want them to do something…:)

  4. I used to LOVE popcorn. Well, I still do. But I don’t eat it. It gets under my gums and really HURTS. But I remember we used to make a bunch of it (thank you microwave) and I would have a piece, my husband would have a piece, then each of the five dogs got a piece, then around we went again. No danger of eating too much. The dogs took care of that. They waited in front of the microwave — popcorn ADDICTS. I miss it, but I’m on the wagon.

  5. That’s one food that’s probably good for me that I can’t stand! I never liked popcorn. My biggest issue is that it gets stuck in my teeth. I hate that! It doesn’t really agree with me either. Now if only chocolate, cookies, pita chips and all the other snack items I can’t stay away from did that, too, I’d be all set.

  6. I may suggest buying a popcorn maker, popcorn that you find in the stores usually contain a lot of fat, and many times hydrogenated oils. You can also try making them in a covered saucepan (you can Google recipes on internet), but then adding oil or butter is needed. We have a very old popcorn maker which works quite good (the only problem is that it makes a loud sound), I don’t know about the different models and brands, but as long as there’s no need to add anything to the corn, it can be a good option. No creativity hazard! 🙂

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