59 thoughts on “HIPPITY-HOP…IN BIRDLAND…

    1. Thank you Frank! I like the little fluff of feathers on his head too…don’t know why…maybe because it looks kind of silly and I’m all about “silly”…

  1. Amazing caught …. that red cardinal is such stunning bird – so beautiful .. never seen a total red bird in real life.

  2. HA! Those are funny, colorful, and two of the common denizens of my backyard. You did a good job capturing them.

    We are headed for a walk this morning after coffee. Will drive a short distance to a very quiet and secluded trail along a creek. On the way home, we will get some milk and a yogurt so we can make our weekly batch.

    Have an interesting day.

  3. They look like miniature fish eagles going in for the catch… or Air Traffic Control has just given them instructions to land… love the photos… two birds we don’t get here that I would love to capture on camera… love it, love it, love it….

    1. Thank you , thank you, thank you! These aren’t very good, but I’ve been unable to get to the camera much at all this past week….I’m hoping for a better camera week this week….Hi to LInda!!

        1. Gearing up for the trip South to meet with the buyer in a few weeks.( for the Mama and Being Bob books)..but I’m getting a lot written as far as the murder mystery goes…I really enjoy it…but it REALLY eats up a lot of my time….I start writing and suddenly it’s four hours later……I was thinking yesterday….I want to write more of this murder/mystery series and I’m thinking there’s a couple of characters I need to find a space for…..some guy and I’d name him Doberman, or Beagle, or Dalmation or Bulldog…..who knows…

  4. HA! They both look like they’re coming in for a landing….landing gear in place…..all passengers buckled up…..birds are so entertaining aren’t they? Sammy thinks so!


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