35 thoughts on “POTTED CHIPMUNK…

  1. This photo is what one calls the “pleaser” just looking at it brings a smile to the face, a happy photo, a cute photo quite simply a winner…

    1. Thank you Rob…one of the last, sadly….I have ANOTHER creature in the house that I’m going to have to trap. The face of my blog will have to change…The peanuts and see are bringing them in and that’s just not fun anymore.

    1. There is about to be a HUGE shortage…I have another mystery critter in the house….That’s one two many….I’ve tossed all of the peanuts and seed out into the yard for them to have one last hurrah…and then….What does my blog become…hmmmmmmm…what to do….

    1. This poor little guy, for some reason, never learned to stuff it’s cheeks with the nuts…it just picks them up, one at a time and runs away…

              1. One of Dad’s favorite stories about Mom. She had 9 of us and could be a fierce defender.

                Oldest sister and a cousin scrapped on the school bus one day. She may have scratched him. His mom drove over, yelled at Mom standing in the back porch, then drove off before Mom could think of what to say. She was shocked.

                Dad was in the cellar below the porch and could hear, but not see, what was going on. Mom came to her senses and verbally lashed her up one side and down the other, giving her the full measure of her thoughts. Dad thought she was saying that to her face and was so impressed. Then, he found out what really happened. He loved telling that story.

                Ever have that happen to you? You think of the perfect things to say after it is all over. Sorry this was so long.

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