1. I love those little cheeky faces and they do the same as the monkeys with the peanuts…just stuffing it in. LOL!

    1. I don’t feed them everyday, LOL…They would blow-up from eating…actually, they hide most of the peanuts and eat just a few…I guess they save the others for later!

  2. The excitement is building… the crowd sits on the edge of their seats in anticipation… what’s to happen.?? is he gonna get more peanuts in his mouth,? is a world record about to be broken.? Or is his cheek gonna burst and Suzanne is gonna dash out go to the animals aid dressed in a tutu…???? Ooooohh the excitement is too much, tell us quick, I’m about to wet my pants…

        1. I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed…..I was so tired I had to go take a nap! LOL…AAACCCKKKKK, is all I had in me at the time!

  3. Soon you have to take this .. little friend to ER – because he will get stomach pains after all those peanuts you have been giving him. He seems happy enough still … but be prepared.

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