watching for snow 7 (1 of 1)

This had better be a joke…..I’ve heard a rumor that we could possibly get a LOT of snow this weekend…they are simply waiting to see how it “tracks”…..will we get it or won’t we??? I have a plane sitting in the backyard that seats 500…the first 500 of you that get on with just ONE, yes I said ONE ONLY, piece of luggage, will be taken with me to someplace warm and sunny.
We will do a lot of visualization of warm and sunny climes as we sit snowbound under the snow mountains….won’t that be fun??


  1. I thought is was a mane too and I couldn’t connect photo with your writing … that is some serious snow fall. Over here the spring flowers is in full bloom, 2 months too early.

    1. I have your seat saved Angel Elf?…would you like an imaginary dinner? If so, would you like a vegetarian meal or roast chicken? You can have French fries with that or smashed red garlic potatoes.

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